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Love of Fitness Greenville SC Personal Trainer
Our happy clients say:

“With Camille as my trainer, I lost pounds and inches and gained flexibility and strength.”

- Julie G.

“Camille encourages fitness as a lifestyle and is gracious to teach me creative ways I can continue on my fitness regime away from the gym.”

- Karen S.

“The most intense and effective workout I have ever had. I lost fat, increased my endurance and I can finally see my abs!”

- Erika D.

“Margret encourages you to push beyond what you thought were your abilities. Her workouts are well rounded and leave you feeling successful.”

- Tracey M.

Personal Training in Greenville, SC

Love of Fitness is a personal training company owned by Personal Trainer Camille Hanson. Camille is an ACE-certified Personal Trainer. Love of Fitness offers clients training at Taylors First Baptist Church as well as in-home training sessions.Margret Bowen is also part of the Love of Fitness personal training team. Margret has 20 years experience in the fitness industry and is CPR certified. Margret is also nationally certified through AFAA (Aerobics and Fitness Association of America).


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What is ACE-Certified and why does it matter?

American Council on Exercise or ACE, creates certifications through a national standardized test. To be a "personal trainer" you don't need any type of education. It is important to find an ACE-certified trainer that has passed the standardized Personal Training test and fulfills the ACE continuing education each year. Check out the ACE website:

Choosing a personal trainer that isn't ACE-certified can be dangerous for your body and health, because their education is not based on standard exercise practices. Choose an ACE-certified trainer, choose Love of Fitness.






Ace Certified Personal Trainer Aerobics and Fitness Association of America
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